#8810 Home for the Holidays


Being at home is a craving of mine, its at the top of the list of ways to fill up my cup.

Home is where I worship, home is where I live in sweatpants and dirty hair, home is the place I always return to. My constant, my starting ground, where I invite my closest friends and family to walk with me, talk with me and to eat in my home.

Moving to Lubbock was a huge jump for us, we have spent the last six months two hundred miles apart for work and obligations we made before we even considered that moving was in the cards. This opportunity was one we couldn’t pass up and it has come with so many challenges but even more blessings.

Just a few short weeks ago after seven long months of searching, picking builder – then a lot, building, and finally signing on the dotted line we closed on our second home and moved in TOGETHER to our brand new home, 8810.

The process though frustrating became quickly rewarding as it rounded out and became a solid foundation, walls, a roof then finally all the little details.

I love this home it is a culmination of all our hopes and dreams for this post college move, and it holds so many dreams yet to unfold and so much to share along the way!

We aren’t quite settled yet, my garage still holds many many boxes and unpacking a life that was stored in a red dirt filled garage means we vacuums and dust every day as we uncover more pieces of our life.

But of course moving in the first week of December means that Christmas decorations were first priority on the list of things to unpack. Nothing feels more like home then our cozy Christmas tree, our stockings hung on the bookshelf with care, and some new decor commemorating our first Christmas in LBK.


It’s good to be home for the holidays.

Stay Merry!



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